The camera strap for Apple Watch

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01/03 Cmra


Just $149 to turn your Apple Watch on a device worthy of Inspector Gadget. Cmra is the name of this smart strap that introduces two basic functions for the smart watch. Integrated in the gum are first and foremost a 2 megapixel camera to make video calling with Facetime without inconveniencing your smartphone or tablet.

On the other side of the strap that’s another camera, this time from 8 megapixels to take pictures directly from your wrist without being seen. Clearly the strap has a battery of its own which powers the cameras even when the watch is turned off and can also be used to give additional energy to Watch while the 8 GB onboard memory lets you save all the photos you want.

It must be said that though Cmra still not available but can be pre-ordered online at $149. Available colors are white, black, blue and ivory and adapt to both versions of the Watch, the 38 and 42 mm.