Huawei best producer of Android for the last quarter, but Apple crushes all

(foto Milo Sciaky)(Photo: Milo Sciaky)

That just had to be a quarter to remember for Huawei. According to Strategy Analytics, during this period the Chinese company has proven that able to bring in cash for the first time higher profits among all manufacturers of smartphones Android scene: in an industry that from July to September generated 9.4 billion dollars in profits, Huawei has conquered the 2.4%, or about 200 million.

(Foto: Strategy Analytics)(Photo: Strategy Analytics)

The cake is actually over practically the whole stomach from Apple, whose quarterly profit totalled 8.5 billion dollars and account for 91% of the total and a record quarter for the House of Cupertino. For Huawei, however, this second position is nevertheless an important signal of encouragement: Strategy Analytics said the result of the Chinese group praising the supply chain well oiled machine, the product line and marketing campaigns, considered effective.

Third and fourth are the countries alive and OPPO, which operate mainly at home but they seem able to tarnish the performance of manufacturers already active for years all over the world.