Google Pixel suffer from the microphones?

There seems to be no peace for Google and Google Pixels Pixels XL. The two terminals marked Google seem to not go as hoped and anticipated by the company in Mountain View. The terminals, the first “made by Google”, over an important delay in shipments have encountered various problems during their lifetime.

If in the past few weeks we have seen shutdown problems, issues and problems with the camera, here is that in recent days it seems that some users have problems with microphones of Google and Google Pixels Pixels XL.

Specifically the Google Pixels have three microphones: one primary and two environmental. Recently many users began to complain to the total or partial failure of one or more of these. At first glance it seems a hardware problem given by the welding of components.

Beware though the terminals with this problem are less than 1 percent of those outstanding, absolutely nothing worrisome. A nice problem for users of the pixels. This will hopefully be solved as soon as possible.

Via | Android Police